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Talk about value added services are considered too early, because we are still in the user gets to see who can get enough users who value high quality, business liquidations. User base is the analysis of user behavior, push based value-added services. Business model but all have a common characteristic, such as cash flow is the industry’s only, it can only be fun. How to let users to join in, admission of funds outside the industry? Snacks are also seeking the feasibility. «We will try the business model of this year fell to the ground. «Zhang said, try five or six different practices. But the road which will be effective? At present is not known. «Have tried two», after the second quarter of this michael kors jet set year can make as much money as the index is used to «run», but also two or three kinds of «our hearts still can ‘ t figure out». Zhang Lei’s business experience: daring to trial-and-error is the only magic weapon summary: compete with external industry more and more clear, more and more tragic, forcing us to improve flexibility, hence frequency also getting higher and higher. Mobile Internet is a world unknown and exploration industry, Dim sum go six months earlier than the others, but also you can see up to six michael kors skorpios ring months or less. Our experience is that, do you think is the most appropriate, they can do things, do not adjust immediately found. Magic weapon for the Internet company to compete with big companies is that you have the courage and mechanism of trial-and-error, than they are more flexible, fast. Second and third quarters of last year, we made a lot of decisions, which may also have two Akinari along with dark horse when going down cars, Yin, a long day finally began to drizzle. As fine rain line, spray on your face tingle, who also started the Pan Chao. Sat for four hours in the bus, out into tired stomach there are hungry. Look up days, although there was no sun, also can tell michael kors shoulder bag is at dusk. Dark horse to go very fast, a stride, body fat black meat shake shaking, showed plenty of energy. Two are just across from the bus stop «Shiqi» fashion shop in front of a handsome man more than 20 years old bolted out from the pavement, grabbed a black horse. «Old black, how could you? «Dark horse lightly slapped the man’s hand, with a smile on his face said,» waiting, waiting. «And then produced a address book from a coat pocket, tore a page handed over:» coming in, you go to this

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