The Special Christian Louboutin Shoes Become One of The Fashion Trend

All around the world, the notion of fashion trend became over the last decade somehow connected to the one of fashion icon. Not so diverse but in some way more specific trendsetting comes as natural as a profession for a certain segment of people inclined to cross over the barriers of «playing nice» in fashion.I was just inquisitive how in the world certain characters became trendsetters in spite of their total disregard for the rules of fashion, and how did particular items of style became a «must» under the condition that a trend should fit more than two people and has to be so intoxicating that it is hard to shake off once it has made a name for itself.For example last season the straight hair style with a periphery gushed among the hairstyle salons all over the world. Who led up the «fringe»? Well by the middle of 2007 «the fringe» made an appearance, blunt, pixie or Kate style –named after Kate Moss and spread like fire in the public figures’ world.Personally, I am not a fan, but since then till now I discovered a people of fringed hairstyles all over the cat-walk and city streets. Whether it fit them or not the women of the world handled the style, took it and got into it like a flag in any hair color possible.During these 2 years of fringe trend hair, I saw girls looking terrible with this hairstyle, but hey…they were stylish.Another surprising trend is the one that made popular the christian louboutin designer shoes. Somehow these leather shoes created a lot hysteria for every the fashionistas in the world. Alexa ranking identifies over 80% of the fashion sites and forums mentioning at least once the christian louboutin shoes You can notice the louboutin shoes on the christian louboutin canada store.The christian louboutin sale is very novel.Women went unusual on the sales of these shoes, the feminine celebrities are present on the cover of the fashion magazines wearing them and recently the louboutins are present even in the movies.Is there a reason for which these shoes are so hypnotic apart from them being just shoes?christian louboutin may be a shoe brain but from that to a cat campaign over a pair of shoes during sales season is such a long-term way.Conclusion:A trend doesn’t care about the price, the consequences or the general sense. The more outrageous the price, the trendier is the product.When I come to consider about accessories I have to stop and breathe for a moment. Regarding how quick their style changes sometimes even over the night the trends are set with the speed of lightning.So … whether they are from Estrella or Affixus or from Prada and Mark Jacobs the jewels, bags, scarves and even perfumes are seen trendy by the rules of exposure and advertisement.In the end, all of us buy the above stated items of fashion out the compelling urges dictated by the «TREND».Taking out from the trend the amount of exposure, marketing and media coverage that usually sets it; we are left with ordinary items of fashion that all of the sudden don’t seem so large.As a conclusion: What does make a trend and what does break a trend?The answer I found for myself, after looking over the fashion world for a while, is that trends are created out of the need for holding a statement, are made best-selling out of the require of celebrity and are developed by nothing else than other trends that are coming to replace them.

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